Hannes Waldschütz

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Waiting Machines

Maschine, die auf Gott wartet
Maschine, die auf einen Zeitpunkt wartet
Maschine, die darauf wartet nicht mehr zu warten

Maschine, die auf Gott wartet
Foto: Laura Strasser

Series of three machines,
microelectronics, glass, software,
each approximately 21 cm x 21 cm x 25 cm

The machine that waits for God
The machine that waits for a point in time
The machine that waits to no longer wait

All three machines – fully functional – are constructions made to wait for a certain event. They were activated in Bremen on October 24, 2007 at 6:07 p.m. From this point in time the three machines had been in operation, continuously waiting for the expected moment without interruption. The «Machine that waits for God» is still waiting.

They are microelectronic circuits, structured and programmed in order to constantly inquire about the expected event. An integrated backup power supply guarantees a failure-free and uninterrupted functioning. If the event occurs, then this results in its automatic deactivation, thus is goes out.
In all likelihood the «machine that waits for God» waits for the end of days. God must give a signal via a God sensor, in order for the end of days to be caused. Ideally the «machine that waits for a point in time» would have waited infinitely, at most damage or destructions would be able to end them. An inquiry loop without termination condition ran inside it. Already with the moment of its activation, the deactivation for «the machine that waits for a point in time» was already determined. At the start a point in time within the next fifty years was determined by random function, which initiated it.
All three machines are deactivated by their trigger, therefore they only function up to that moment.

This moment had already arrived for the «machine that waits for a point in time: after one and a half years on March 12, 2009 – the machine deactivated itself upon this point and has been out of operation since then.

The «machine that waits to no longer wait» was destroyed by an accident on September 20, 2010 after nearly three years in operation. For them as well the event it had implicated waited for had come to pass and since then it had been out of operation.