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Civil Disobedience: Repair

ziviler Ungehorsam Reparieren
ziviler Ungehorsam Reparieren
ziviler Ungehorsam Reparieren
ziviler Ungehorsam Reparieren
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ziviler Ungehorsam Reparieren

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«Civil disobedience: repairâ» is a performance series, which focuses on an almost obsolete action in the western world: the repair of everyday goods.
Toasters, flat irons, hairdryers – once they are broken their repair seems to be economically senseless. Things with a predetermined lifetime and their disposal became crucial to our economical system based on continuous growth.
The 2012 started performance series invites everybody to bring their broken things and devices so we can try to dare a repair. No matter what, together we give it a try. For free.
In any case, it will be start for conversation, learning and reflection, and hopefully the device will be fine at the end.
Like this we train ourselves in this special form of civil disobedience in order to get back some autonomy in the usage of the constructed world.
Each examined object is being documented with a photography and an entry in the order book.
The Sessions are free of charge.

The Project was realized with funding from the Edith-Russ-Haus for media art, Oldenburg from 01/23/14 until 02/21/14 with daily opening times from 11-18 h.
I took place in a shop like store in Oldenburgs pedestrian area city center.
While being a 4 week-full-time-repair-guy, about 300 people came visiting, talking, repairing; more than 70 repairs were successfully done
Since this temporary repair shop was declared as a piece of art, it changed the quality an the meaning of this so to say service – opening sights into political, aesthetic and social spheres, beyond the actual repair. Like this it could become an initial point for further thinking and action.
The performance was framed by some lectures and workshops focusing on questions about the repair as an artistic practice as well as on its meaning in straight forward economic considerations.